Top 8 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

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Mount and Blade is a popular game that you can play on your Windows PC. It is a medieval action game that is really popular today. This game was first released in 2008 and it becomes the most favorite action role-playing game for youngsters. Nowadays, you can also get many mods to support the gameplay including mount and blade Warband mods that you can try. Here are 8 best mount and blade Warband mods that you can try.

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods:

1. A World of Ice and Fire

If you want to get more thrones action experiences in the Mount and Blade game, you may try to install A Word of Ice and Fire. You now can listen to the song of fire and ice into your ears. This is your chance to kill and pillage to the iron throne that is really incredible.

2. Warsword Conquest

Since it was a beta version, this mod is quite popular among the players because it already offers some features with new characters like lizardmen, elves, orcs, dwarves, Scaven, and much more.

3. Star War Bear Force 2

This mod makes your Mount and Blade looks different from its original world. In this experience, you are allowed to recreate Star wars universe during the clone wars. This must be a fantastic world to become a Jedi.

4. Decapitate and Dismember

It will be so much fun to play Mount and Blade by slaying your enemies and separate their body parts. This mod will allow you to lop off your enemy’s arms, heads, legs, and other body parts. Though it is quite difficult to play, when you get used to it, you will finally do it.

5. Tamriel: Bloodlines End

It is a very ambitious mod that is specifically developed for Warband. The setting will be located in the fourth era. There are some factions available such as Aldmeri, Argonians, Khajit, and much more. So, you can play the Warband and try to find your enemies and kill them.

6. Floris Mod Pack

Using this mod, a player can definitely get a very amazing experience, especially when you play it in the vanilla version where you can get some other mod collections for sure. Anyway, this mod is incredible with its features that you will not get from other mods.

7. Full Invasion 2

Using this mod, you are able to get some companions where you have a duty to survive waves of invaders, so there is no chance for you to walk in the part. In the newer version, players can get new system, maps, and other features.

8. Perisno

Perisno becomes a great fantasy mod where you will get some factions including dwarves, giants, elves, and much other. There is also a magic but you cannot use it for sure anyway. This mod provides strong weapons such as Skyfall relics, Flamebringer, and others.

Finally, those are 8 best mount and blade Warband mods that you can try to install in order to get new experiences and features so you will not feel bored to play the game anyway.

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