10 Most Haunted Cities in This Universe You Can Visit for Fun

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Do you like horror movies? Have you ever imagined being a part of one? Sounds exciting? Great! You can plan your next vacations to one of the world’s scariest cities, which will make you feel that you are living the life of the characters of a horror movie. Want to know about these cities. Read the article below:

Haunted Cities

Most Haunted Cities:

10. Cape Town, South Africa:

Haunted Cities

The Castle of Good hope was constructed in the 17th century. Currently, the tower is used as a replenishment center for the ships; however, the passers avoid their stay at this place because of the paranormal activities in the area. A tall man has been sighted frequently, whereas other ghosts have also been witnessed. The death of the governor of the area is also an associated incident that terrifies the visitors.

9. London, United Kingdom:

Haunted Cities

Astonished to see London in the most haunted cities, but it is true. The tower of London was constructed in 1078 and has a history of torture associated with it. One of the most famous ghosts of the tower is Anne (wife of King Henry 8). She was sentenced to death and since then her headless body has been witnessed roaming in the walls of the castle. Apart from the ghost of Anne, two children have also been sighted by people who were allegedly murdered in their time, who now appear as ghosts.

8. Nova Scotia, Canada:

Haunted Cities

Halifax Citadel is one of the most haunted placed in the entire Canada. Fort George present in Nova Scotia has a history of 300 years. Some of the various events of paranormal activity in the area are the banging doors, moving furniture and the feeling of being watched. Additionally, various ghosts have been seen in the area, which simply vanishes into walls.

7. Borgvattnet, Sweden:

Haunted Cities

A small village in the Borgvattnet area has a haunted house that was built in 1876. In 1927, the residents of the house reported the first ghost in the house. Currently, the building has not been abandoned and still used as a café and a guest house but only a few people dare to live a night in the haunted house.

6. Hesse, Germany:

Haunted Cities

The Babenhausen Barracks used by the soldiers in the World War have been found to be still occupied by the ghosts of the German soldiers. Currently a museum, the barracks have been found to show paranormal signs including the footsteps of soldiers, lights turning on and off. Additionally, the ghost of a talking woman has been found to reside in the place.

5. Poveglia Island, Italy:

Haunted Cities

The small Island in Italy had been the residence of people since 421 but various diseases reduced the population of the place. In 1800, the Island was declared a mental hospital but it was found that torture and various experiments were conducted on the people at this place. In this scenario, a doctor committed suicide and since then screams are being heard and it is assumed that all the people who died in the torture and experiments live there.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland:

Haunted Cities

Edinburgh Castle is amongst one of the oldest buildings in the world. It was used for torture and war incidents are associated with this place. Today, It is open for tourists but the place is not free of ghosts. Tourists have reported the feeling of being touched, along with the sight of unusual people, probably ghosts. Additionally, the extremely cold temperature within minutes, shadows, lights are also the evidence of ghosts in the place.

3. Changi, Singapore:

Haunted Cities

Changi hospital is the place occupied by the ghosts. It was used as a torture cell by Japanese once and since then spirits of men, women, and children are seen in the building. The building is now abandoned.

2. Florida, USA:

Haunted Cities

The St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida, USA is a museum now. Various visitors have seen the ghosts of many different people in the building. Even formal investigation was conducted for the reports made and pieces of evidence were found that ghosts have occupied the place. If you have the courage to meet one, then visit the museum.

California, USA:

Haunted Cities

The hotel of USA, Queen Mary Hotel, is a residence of ghosts as reported by the visitors of the place. The hotel is formed in the ship and it is difficult to differentiate between areas where the ghosts live and where they don’t. If you want to meet one, stay a night at the Queen Mary Hotel in California.

These are the most haunted places in various cities of the world. Some of the places are still accessible to the public, so if you really want to be a character of the movie. Go to these places and explore the mystery yourself. If you feel over terrified after the visit, don’t complain, we have already warned you.

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