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How To Clean An Above Ground Pool?

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Another type of swimming pool is called as above ground pool which is built separately from the ground. It means that this pool is not built under the ground. Of course, this type of swimming pool has no special pumping system like the in ground pool. So, how do you clean the above ground pool with a pool vacuum? In this post we are going to show you full tutorial about how To clean an above ground pool.

How To Clean An Above Ground Pool

How To Clean An Above Ground Pool?

You may use a traditional way to clean this type of pool such as draining the water and then brushing manually the pool floor and wall. It may be effective but it will make you tired and waste your energy. Why don’t you try a modern way? A modern way is also as effective as the traditional way and it works automatically without making you fatigue. In this case, I recommend you to use a robotic pool vacuum cleaner as a new innovation to clean any types of the pool including the above ground pool.

How to use a robotic pool vacuum to clean your above ground pool? It is actually simple and easy to clean your pool using this machine. This machine can work on the in-ground pool as well as the above ground pool. One of the most important things is that you have one or you can buy one from a trustworthy store.

Once you have the machine in front of you, then you just turn on the machine. Don’t forget to prepare a power socket to connect the cable. After plugging in the cable, then you need to turn on the machine and then you can drown the machine into the water until it gets to the pool floor. Once it reaches the floor, then it will start crawling and moving slowly while brushing the pool floor. The dirt and debris on the floor will be sucked into the filter bag in the machine.

If your above ground pool is not too big, then you can finish it fast. The average duration you need to clean a big pool is one hour up to three hours. When the filter bag is full, the machine will stop working and you need to take the machine to remove the cartridge filter and then clean the debris and dirt. If you buy a sophisticated robotic pool vacuum, then you will get a remote control to steer the robot. Besides, you can also set the timer if you want to leave the machine and let it work alone.

A above ground pool vacuum cleaner is the most favorite choice because it does not require pre-installation and it is also portable. You can bring the vacuum cleaner anywhere you want if you want to clean other pools. Anyway, it can be a good business to run a pool cleaning service and earn some money. In addition, you also do not need to worry because you will also get one year warranty. Suppose there is a problem in the machine, you can return it to the manufacturer and get the new one for the replacement.

How To Clean An Above Ground Pool – Video Tutorial:

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