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6 Simple Steps Use Pool Vacuum Properly

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A pool vacuum is a special cleaner that you can use to clean pool floor and wall. Your pool will look dirty and trust me there will be some algae which grow on its wall. So, I recommend you to clean your pool regularly using a special pool vacuum cleaner if you do not want to hire a cleaning service. How do you use a pool vacuum anyway? Read these following Steps on how to use pool vacuum.

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How Do You Use a Pool Vacuum?

Step One: You need to buy a pool vacuum cleaner if you do not have one. This pool vacuum is available in many home appliance stores in your city. I recommend you to buy a robotic pool vacuum that you can use directly.

Step Two: You need to prepare a power socket to give power to the machine. The cable is really long so you have to organize it first. Once you plug the cable, then you can turn on the pool vacuum.

Step Three: You just drown the machine into the pool because it actually works that way. The machine will reach the pool floor and it will start working.

Step Four: If you have a handheld remote control, then you can use it to control the robot and navigate as you wish. If it has no remote control, then you just watch the machine to clean up or you just leave it for one hour.

Step Five: After one hour, usually the pool vacuum will stop working because the filter bag is already full. Next, you just take the machine from the water to check the filter bag.

Step Six: You can open the filter bag and remove it from the machine. Then, you have to clean it up to reuse it. Afterward, you only put the filter bag into the machine and repeat the cleaning if you think that your pool is still dirty.

Video Tutorial: How Do You Use Pool Vacuum?

How does the pool vacuum work?

A pool vacuum has a brush underneath its body. This brush will spin to clean sticky dirt on the pool floor. Some pool vacuums also have four wheels to help it move. The machine will be slowly moving and brushing the pool floor and then suck the debris into the filter bag through a hole under the machine.

How fast can it clean your pool? The speed of the cleaning depends on the performance of your robotic pool vacuum. Some of the pool vacuum cleaners can work in one hour up to three hours. It also depends on the size of the filter bag in each task. Some of the pool vacuums can also clean the pool in one task. It depends on the quality and features of your pool cleaner.

Well, those are several steps to use a robotic pool vacuum to clean your pool. Now, it is your decision whether you prefer to clean it alone or you hire a cleaning service. Believe me, you will feel satisfied if you just use a pool vacuum because it works like a real cleaning service. Besides, you also can save your money because you do not hire a cleaning service.

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