Our Aim: Finding Best Survival Knives for You | Ultimate Buying Guide

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The danger may threaten your life anytime when you go camping in a forest. Certainly, you need a tool for a protection just in case there is an emergency that happens to you. Perhaps, there is a dangerous animal that wants to attack you when you go in the middle of the forest. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to buy a survival knife to protect your life. Here are some of the best survival knives that you can buy for life protection.

Best Survival Knives

Best Survival Knives in the World:

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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This can be your first choice when you need a survival knife for life protection. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 is a companion fixed blade knife which is designed simply for those who like camping, spending their time afield, or hunting in a forest. Why is considered as the best survival knife in the world? It is known that Ka-Bar Becker BK2 is really lightweight and specifically designed with durable, 1095 cro-van steel blade and it is very suitable for chopping onions, skinning game, and splitting kindling.

This knife has great features in which it is designed with versatile 20-degree blade angle drop pint blade shape. Moreover, it also has a very comfortable handle and the manufacturer produces it from Grivory for a better and more balanced grip for outdoor usage. It is also designed with ten and a half inches length. The glass filled nylon sheath feature makes this best knife remain sharp and safe.

Top Survival Knives:

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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When we talk about the best survival knife in the world, then it goes to Ka-Bar Becker BK2. However, there are other survival knives that belong to the top ones. The first is Garber LMF II which has an elegant design. What can you get from this knife? This knife is strong enough for all conditions. You can use it to cut anything such as cut firewood, slice seat belt, and much more. It has a comfortable design to prevent hand blister and provide a safe grip.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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Another top survival knife that has a simple and compact design goes to KA-BAR Full Size US Marine which is one hundred percent made from the leather sheath and designed with 1095 Cro-van steel. This knife has seven inches straight edge blade and it belongs to the most famous fixed blade knife design in the world. You can use this cool knife to cut anything during the camping and you can use it to protect you from any dangers when you are out of the town.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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Another top and the best survival knife with black nylon and Zytel sheath goes to Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife. This knife is a cool survival knife with VG-10 stainless modified spear point blade with satin finish. You can use this knife for all situations with a semi large design for heavy duty usage. It is not only for chopping, but it is also good for the daily task because it has a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives:

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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The next survival knife which has cool fixed blade design goes to SOG Seal Pup Elite. This survival knife has an ergonomic design with deeper finger grooves. Moreover, it also has grip lines with injection molded glass reinforced handle. It also designed with a straight edge with fixed 4.85 inches Aus-8 steel blade and it has black Tini finish. The black handle seems really comfortable because it is made of glass reinforced nylon.

Tom Brown Tracker Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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This is another best survival knife that you can use for life protection during a camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. You can use this knife for multiple purposes such as chopping, splitting, and even breaking a metal wire. The Tom Brown Tracker knife has 1095 high carbon alloy with total length is about 11.90 inches and the blade length is about 4.25 inches. It has a handle which is made of the Gray Micarta with Kydex sheath.

The Morakniv Companion Survival Knife Review:

Best Survival Knives
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The last best survival knife with cool design goes to Morakniv Companion as one of the best fixed blade outdoor knives with Sandvik stainless steel material. The handle has a patterned design with high friction grip which makes it so comfortable and easy on hands. The blade length is about 4.1 inches with 0.1 thickness.

Best Survival Knives Buying Guide:

In certain cases, survival knives are really important to have because you do not know whether there is a dangerous thing that may attack you or when you are in an emergency situation. Therefore, you are recommended to buy one of the best survival knives for life protection. If you really love to go camping, then you need to have one. Now, you can buy this knife online from your favorite online store.

What do you need to consider before buying one of the best survival knives? The first thing you need to know is the quality of the blade. You have to make sure that the blade is made of a strong stainless steel. The second is the sharpness in which you have to buy the sharpest knife so that you can directly use it. The third is the handle in which you need to choose the comfortable handle so you can easily hold it. The fourth is the price of the survival knife. There are so many options of the best survival knives that you can choose. So, you need to choose the best one including the best price offered.

Most of the survival knives are relatively affordable and you can buy some knives for full protection. Though these knives are small, they are quite powerful to cut some hard things such as metal wire, wood, and much more. You also need to consider the sheath because the sheath would protect the knife from rust.

In conclusion, whenever you want to go camping, you must consider buying a survival knife for your protection. You can buy this knife online and you can choose one of the best survival knives according to your wishes.

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