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Our Aim: Finding Best Faucet Water Filters for You | Ultimate Buying Guide

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How many of us concern about the hygiene of our drinking water? It is getting hard to find a clean water during the past decade, so finding the best faucet water filters is more than just crucial. Some people take this for granted, as they think that their faucet water is ‘clean’ enough. As a matter of fact, faucet water contains a high level of contaminants whenever it is unfiltered. We cannot just count on mineral water, as it can cost too much for our daily needs.

Best Faucet Water Filters

Let’s say that we are about to find high quality faucet water filters that guarantee clean, contaminants-free water to drink, particularly for kids. It is true that we are not suffering from stomach ache or any diseases right away. The impact can be seen in the long-term. With myriad choices of faucet water filters from many reputable manufacturers, it is somewhat challenging to choose the one that meets our health concern.

There are different categories of faucet water filters that every homeowner can find. But, there are several categories that everyone should seriously pay attention. It is always recommended to make comparisons among products with the best reviews of reputable e-commerce stores. Buyers can just find details of specifications before they make a decision in buying one.

Yet, you might want to browse through each official website of some faucet water filter manufacturers, in which they provide details about each product, along with the cost of the item and shipping payment. Reputable manufacturers are always ready to give each detail of that buyers need, and never apply hidden fees.

Let’s check out the best faucet water filters with the highest buying rate from some popular websites. They are:

1. Culligan FM-25 with Advanced Water Filtration:

Culligan FM-25
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Regardless of its high excellence in filtering water from regular tap water, it remains its simple, yet sleek design with the powerful 0.5 gpm flow rate at 60 psi. No wonder, this product is classified as an advanced water filtration, thanks to its outstanding 30-100 psi pressure range. Yet, users can flexibly switch the diverter tab it to filter regular tap water, though it also has the highly advanced FM-25, which is very powerful in reducing–not only unpleasant odors, but also some contaminants like lindane, atrazine, chlorine, etc. Buyers will get FM-25R filter cartridge and FM-15RA filters, in which they can be used for approximately two consecutive months, or for up to 200 gallons.

2. PUR PFM400H Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount:

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PUR has its loyal clients, who understand that this manufacturer really emphasizes on its distinguished, advanced features of technology that surpass others. Particularly for this product, buyers are amazed with the out-of-the-box MAXION Filter Technology. This technology is considered as the most dependable one for cleaning all kinds of hazardous contaminants, thanks to its ion exchanged and activated carbon, not to mention its Mineral Clear Technology. The tap water is not only clean, but also tasty, mercury-free, and contain no pollutants, chlorine, etc. Users don’t only enjoy the clean water, but also control the filter status, in order to ensure that the water is totally safe.

3. PUR FM-3700B Advanced Faucet Chrome Water Filter:

Chrome FM-3700B
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This is another highlighted product from PUR which become the best selling water faucet. Its chrome exterior stands out, while its MineralClear filters really help users to enjoy their tap water in a much better way. As compared to the previous series, this product has simpler style and faster installation process. This series is also the most versatile one as it fits to almost all kinds of sinks with any size. Buyers claimed that they are proud of its outstanding chrome finishing, particularly for the contemporary style kitchen. For sure, it is also equipped with the filter indicator that ensures users to replace their filter for the safest use.

How to Find Best Faucet Water Filters:

Finding the best faucet water filters is not as easy as many people might have thought before. Even if they get references from website directories which claim to review only the best-selling products. It is true that those websites give lots of information that buyers need in making comparisons in faster and easier way. But, somehow, those websites are meant for affiliate marketers.

While anyone can find reviews and testimonies from buyers on some online stores, it is strongly recommended to find references from friends or relatives. ‘Word-to-mouth’ ads are surely trustworthy, because friends or relatives will share things that they experience, whether they are satisfied or not.

Some Things You Should Know about Faucet Water Filters:

Anyway, there are some things that you should know about faucet water filters, and how to buy the one that meets the needs of homeowners who have different needs and budgets. There are actually several kinds of water filters, instead of merely faucet water filters. Some people prefer to use other kinds of filters like water distiller, pitcher filters, reverse osmosis filters, etc. Of course, there are pros and cons about each filter.

Homeowners are urged to figure out that the faucet water filter is the most recommended one. First of all, the price is good. It is not too expensive as a reverse osmosis filter, though it is not as cheap as pitcher filters. Second, a faucet water filter is easy to install and fits to almost all kinds of sink. Anyway, it is important to make sure that users are ready to pay attention to its high maintenance. It is very crucial to replace the filter, once the indicator shows the sign.


In sum, the best faucet water filter is not as pricey as many homeowners think, as they might hesitate to buy it in the first place. Imagine that users can save much money by using a faucet water filter, instead of buying bottled water regularly. Besides, this is the right time to pay attention seriously in drinking contaminant-free water, without wasting too much money and effort. But, beware of faucet water filters with too cheap prices, because high quality faucet water filter applies advanced technology that alters contaminant water into a pure drinking water which is safe for everyone’s health.

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