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10 Best Antivirus for Android Phones Free to Install

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Do you want to protect your phone from malware and suspicious apps? You need to install an efficient protection program if you want to have the device for longer time. Here is a list with the best 10 Antivirus for Android Phones Free to install.

Antivirus for Android Phones Free

Best Antivirus for Android Phones Free to Install:

Avast Android Apps:

It is the best Android security app for mobiles where you can get a lot of useful features like privacy adviser, virus scanner for apps, complete app usage statistics, you can also analyze patterns, detect some apps that might be suspicious, it acts like a web shield, reviews the app permissions and decides whether to allow them or not. It can also access the firewall and block some apps to access the internet, you can also get a set of anti-theft tools – so no one could ever uninstall Avast from your mobile phone. Also the program can lock your phone if it gets lost and display a message on the screen and give the location via GPS with starting some sound siren. This program is free, but you can also purchase some additional features. [ Install Now ]

AVG Antivirus for Android Phones Free:

Everyone knows AVG protection program. It is one of the most popular software for PCs and now is available for Android devices. It is not just antivirus, it offers also a security to your phone. The performance optimization is really good as well as the protection from malware and phishing. If the phone gets stolen, you can find it easily since the location can be found via Google Maps, or it will show your contact information within a message. This is a free version of the program and includes all these features, but if you want a battery and storage optimization, app locking, or an option for creating backup, you can buy these features for 9.9 dollars. [ Install Now ]

CM Security Antivirus for Android Free:

This is a new antivirus program for Android phones which became quite popular. It offers a set of security features for free, so you can also protect your apps and photos with lock features.
In case if it is lost your phone you can locate it easily. There is an interesting feature like intruder selfie so you can take a picture with the front camera from anyone who types the password wrong in the phone twice. You can also get scheduled scanning, safe browsing and call blocking features. [ Install Now ]

360 Security Android Security App:

It is an antivirus app for Android devices which gives the essential features to your phone’s protection. You can get cache cleaner, power saver, antivirus scanning, you can manage your apps and protect the phone from theft. If it gets stolen it can be easily found via GPS or it will erase all of the personal data, so the thief won’t have anything personal from you. [ Install Now ]

TrustGo antiviruse and Mobile security App:

This security Android app is highly rated and has very good security features. Among the features are safe app adviser, on-demand app scanner, secure web browsing, warnings of intrusive permissions, stats monitor and creating backups for the data in your phone.
This app also offers the same feature if your phone gets lost, so you can find it easily. It also has the thief selfie feature. [ Install Now ]

MalwareBytes Free Android Antivirus:

MalwareBytes is quiet good malware app that keeps your phone or tablet from unwanted programs that can make harm. It scans the device for trojans and spyware and gives warnings if the device is at any risk.
It also gives you notifications about whether some apps are tracking your location. The main focus of the program is to keep your device clean. [ Install Now ]

ESET mobile security and antivirus:

It is known for the NOD32 antivirus software that most of the Android devices use, so it is also highly rated. This free version of the app includes features like on-demand scanning, anti-theft option, remotely lock, antivirus scanner with scheduled capabilities and locating and wiping your Android phone or tablet if it gets lost.
The version that is paid offers device monitoring, SMS and MMS blocking options, safe browsing and blocking of unwanted calls. [ Install Now ]

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android:

This is another great antivirus program available for the Android devices and protects them from spyware, viruses, theft, remote locking, wiping and locating options, blocking unwanted texts and calls, and taking mug-shots.
The real-time protection, privacy protection, anti-phishing and browsing protection are those features that need to be paid. [ Install Now ]

Dr.Web V.9 Android Antivirus light:

This antivirus program offers the basic anti-virus protection for your Android device and unlocks them by ransom ware. It also locks some apps that lock your Android phone or tablet and can ask for money before the data is being erased. There is also another version of this program that can be paid. [ Install Now ]

BitDefender Antivirus for Android Phones Free:

Provides real-time protection from malware and viruses, scans all the apps and is run on Android phone or tablet. [ Install Now ]

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