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10 Best Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone

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Today everyone has a smartphone. But, did you know that you need take care of it if you want to be fully-functional for long time? You don’t just need to keep it safe and not break it, you also need to take care of the mechanism and the functionality that is inside. Which means you need to have programs or apps installed that will give the maximum protection to your device, protecting it from spyware, Trojans, insecure web browsing, theft and much more. This can be done with the best antivirus apps that can be found on the Internet. Here is a list of the top 10 antivirus for Samsung Android phone.

antivirus for samsung android phone

10 Best Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone:

360 Security Antivirus Boost:

This is certainly the highest rated and the most popular antivirus Android app that has over 100 million downloads and 4.6 overall rating from 10 million ratings. It has a lot of features like scanning the device from malware, scanning the games, apps from malicious background, scanning the files for malware as well, anti-theft features, real-time protection. You can use the app in order to boost the services and the cleaner of your phone. It is the most useful feature from the app that keeps your password protected. [Install Here]

AndroHelm Mobile Security:

This is a free antivirus app that provides a lot of benefits like real-time protection from spyware and malware, scanning apps after their installation, quarantine mode, app backups, virus protection, updates of the antivirus database and much more. You can also remotely block the device and delete some stuff which makes the app one of the best.[Install Here]

Avira Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone:

This app has versions that can be installed on mobile devices as well. This is also suitable for Samsung Android device and keeps the phone safe from spyware. Offers real-time protection, device scanning, and scanning external SD. It includes features like Stagefright Advisor and anti-theft features, then blacklisting features, privacy features, device admin features and lot more.[Install Here]

Antivirus and Mobile security TrustGo:

This app is considered to be a philosophical one because its developers built it from a ground app to a mobile one. It can also be installed on Samsung Android device and will function properly. TrustGo keeps your phone safe and improves the functionality.It offers real-time protection, privacy guard, system manager, data backup, “find my phone” functionality and much more. It is free to use it and is a really good antivirus program.[Install Here]

Avast Mobile Security:

Avast also offers an app that can be installed in an Android device, and it is really trusted device with a lot of useful features for your phone. The features include app scanning, consistent antivirus database updates, real-time protection, device scanning; remote locking if the phone is lost and lot more like geo-fencing, ad detection, app locking, remote data recovery, etc.[Install Here]

AVG Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone:

This is also a good antivirus program used in Android apps, and can be used for Samsung Android phone as well. It has over 100 million downloads and 4.4 rating in Play Store. Provides device scanning, real-time protection, database updates consistently, monitoring data usage, battery and storage. It also provides message and call blocking, app locking and if you get the paid version you get more.[Install Here]

BitDefender Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone:

This app offers 2 features- to clean the device and real-time antivirus protection. The real-time protection scans the apps after they are installed and it is a simple process that takes few minutes. It requires zero configurations and it is a light version.[Install Here]

CM Security:

In the past this antivirus program was one of the best free apps to download and install. Now it keeps the great features and operates well on Android devices, on Samsung Android phone as well. It is ranked high on the list and has anti-malware features, app locks, fingerprint scanner support, selfie intrusion feature and more.[Install Here]

Dr.Web Security Space:

This antivirus app is one of the best when it comes to the Android devices. It offers real-time protection, protection for external SD card, anti-theft features, anti-spam features, cloud checker, firewall support, remote lock, remote wiping, custom remote messages and lot more. This is a free version of the app, but if you want a pro membership then you need to pay some fees.[Install Here]

Lookout Antivirus for Samsung Android Phone:

The Lookout antivirus app is installed on the most Android devices, mostly on Samsung Android phones. It does its job quiet good and offers anti-theft protection, anti-malware protection, antivirus settings, etc. It is a free version, but you can get a higher membership and pay for some extra features.[Install Here]

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