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Air Force Survival Knife Review

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Before you go camping, hunting, hiking, climbing, and doing other outdoor activities, then you have to prepare one important tool that you must bring. It is a survival knife that you can use for protection or other necessity. There are so many types of survival knife that you can buy. One of the best choices is Air force survival knife. Here, I would like to share with you about Air force survival knife review for your information before buying it.

Air Force Survival Knife Review

Air Force Survival Knife Review:

This is an iconic survival knife where many pilots bring this knife when they fly. Of course, this knife offers specialty why most of the pilots prefer this kind of knife. Here are some of the features of the Air Force Survival Knife.

Air Force Survival Knife Review
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  • Handle and Sheath Made of Leather

This survival knife is so typical and unique because it is made of leather material on its handle and sheath. The leather handle makes it comfortable in the hand and provides a strong grip despite it is wet. Then, the sheath made of leather makes it so cool and safe when you put it in your pocket.

  • 5 Inches Parkerized Blade

This blade is designed with 5 inches parkerized blade which makes it so strong enough for outdoor usage. This is why most of the air force armies use this cool knife for protection. Moreover, it is also designed with serrated top edge.

  • Sharpening Stone and Pouch

Sometimes, your air force survival knife is not sharp because you use it so many times. Therefore, when you buy this knife, you will also get one sharpening stone and a pouch just in case you need to sharpen it for a better performance.

Air Force Survival Knife Review : Pros and Cons

When we talk about survival knife product, then we must also think about the pros and cons. The Air force survival knife has some pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons:

Pros: Cons:
  •  The air force survival knife has a really cool handle and sheath made from leather, comfortable and anti-slip handle for a better grip, lightweight design, iconic 499 survival knife carried by pilots, and 5 inches parkerized blade design.
  •  The air force survival knife may not be too sharp and you need to use the sharpening store to sharpen it.

Why do you need Air force survival knife?

It is really important to bring your survival knife when you do some outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, hiking, climbing, and much more. Therefore, you must buy the Air force survival knife for your life protection. This cool knife is just similar to other types of survival knives but this one has a cool and unique design. Before you buy a survival knife, you need to know the quality of the material, the handle comfort, and the price. It seems that the Air force survival knife meets the requirement. So, you can buy this one and bring it whenever you need it.

In summary, buying a survival knife can be a good idea when you love outdoor activities. Hopefully, after you read this Air force survival knife review, you know that a survival knife is really necessary for life protection.

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