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10 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Kenya

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I know most people when it comes to touring, they can’t think of Kenya without mentioning Tsavo national pack or even sandy beaches of the coast. You will be surprised to discover that Kenya has more to offer when it comes to tourism. Visit those 10 breathtaking places and you will completely change your perception about Kenya. They will make your visit worthwhile. You will be tempted to go plan another visit there since the experience is everlasting.

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Kenya:

Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park

It is a national park which lies just the South of the mighty lake Naivasha. The park is located between two very stiff cliffs. Many years ago, mount Longonot erupted and its magma covered the whole area. Many inhabitants who were mainly pastoral Maasai people perished there. People abandoned the place, and they named it ‘Mwomo wa satani’ to mean a gate to the hell.

Due to erosion, a small seasonal river was formed with very deep valley about 30 meters. Inside the valley, there is famous devils bedroom. This is a big cave with a rock which looks like a bed. In fact, you will be tempted to relax on it. Few meters from the cave, there is Fishers tower. This is a very tall rock about 25 meters. If you are a completed rock climber, then you are in a better place to taste your guts.
Not forgetting the wildlife, the area is home to many wild animals that includes; lions, giraffes, leopards, warthogs, hyenas, and baboon. The pack is also famous for hosting an almost extinct breed of lammergeyer vultures.

Despite the fact that those animals are not locked, it is safe to do hiking and bicycling within. Lodging is also very popular there. Local communities are always there and willing to guide you within the pack.

Thompson Falls

This fall is located near Nyahururu town on Ewaso N’giro River. Traveling from the town, your eyes will be attracted by Abadare ranges not expecting such a mundane site. As the river flows downstream, it meets a steep escarpment which makes it form a 74 m waterfall. There is a very strong safe viewpoint where you can have a general view of the fall from the top. However, the best place to have a great view is down the falls.

You can follow a very steep trail to the bottom. If you have height phobia, don’t try to ascend there. There is covered by a thick vegetation which hosts beautiful birds with most notably being the hornbill. Within the fall, there is Maasai culture center where you can acquire vast cultural knowledge. A lot of traditional dishes such as ‘Mukimo’ a popular dish in central regions served there.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve


Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Located in the Great Rift Valley, Lake Bongoria was formed as a result of faulting. It is a saltwater lake with Sandai and Emsos as the main source of water. It is a home for flamingoes which makes the lake look like a pink carpet observed on an aerial view. It hosts millions of flamingoes with their population declining during breeding season when they migrate to Lake Elementaita. There are more than ten active geysers and hot springs within the lake.

Make sure you come with some chicken eggs and boil them in that hot water. It takes only a few minutes for them to be fully cooked. This water is also rich in minerals which can cure pimples on the face. A face wash is not a bad idea but to test the water temperature first to avoid injuries. In the north of the lake, there is deep thorny thicket vegetation which is a home of gazelles and antelopes. You can also get pure honey from local Kalenjin people who dwell nearby Loboi village. Hiking and camping is also done at the southern shore of the lake.

Menengai Crater

Menengai Crater

Being one of the few calderas in the word, Menengai crater gives a picnic site viewed from Lake Nakuru. It was named after some Maasai warriors who lost a battle for grazing fields and as a punishment, they were thrown off the crater to death. The crater is also viewed by some religions as a holy place where they go fasting and worshiping.

There are also flat rocks which provide a viewpoint for the lakes on the north such as Baringo and Bongoria. The floor of Menengai also covered by thick forest in inhabits wild animals and birds. The gentle slope towards the crater gives an ideal place to do bicycling, hiking and photographing. The area is also good for camping. There are several curio shops selling traditional Maasai ornaments and artier.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Located in the eastern region, Mt Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and second from Kilimanjaro in Africa. It is elevated about 17000 ft above sea level. Batian, Lenana, and Nelion are the tallest peaks.  Covered with thick snow, those peaks give a breathtaking view. The slopes are ranging from gentle to steep.

It is ideal for mountain climbers who wish to challenge Kisoi Munyao (the man who holds the record of climbing the furthest height). Covered by thick vegetation, the climatic condition is similar to that of tropics giving you an ideal place to be in case the hot weather is hostile. At the slopes of the mountain, there is Mount Kenya national reserve which is home for white rhino (a breed of rhino which exists in Kenya only).

Mai-Mai Hu Viewpoint

Mai-Mai Hu Viewpoint

Located at the edge of the Great Rift Valley, it gives you a clear picture of the whole rift valley. In fact visiting this place will be like summarizing the whole adventure to the great rift since you will see more breathtaking picnic sites. Far north, Mt Longonot is clearly seen with its attractive rocks and the fog surrounding its summit. You can see Lake Naivasha from far. It looks like a while white basin with blue water. The local residents are very hospitable. The famous dish is roast maize. Make sure you have a taste.  There are a lot of hotels and curio shops within.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus

Designed and built in 1590, Fort Jesus is one of the oldest forts in coastal Kenya. Up to date, it stands a prove of great ancient architecture designed by Portuguese. It was mainly build to guard the port of Mombasa and also a hiding place for Portuguese as they were being fought by Oman Arabs. It is believed that the Portuguese were held hostage in the fort from 1696 to 1698 by Oman caliphate led by Salif I bin Sultan. The Portuguese resisted by cannon fire from within the fort.

Unable to capture it from them, Omanis remained surrounding the fort for two years. Due to hanger and disease pandemics, the Portuguese army died and Omanis took over the control of the fort. When British occupied Kenya, they converted the port to a prison. To date, fort Jesus remains a monument and a great tourist destination. The ancient weapons used by Portuguese army are there up to date. It is a protected museum representing Portuguese, Arab and Britain ancient cultures.

Tsavo Game Reserve

The pack is divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Known famously for its rich physical features and wildlife, Tsavo national park is the best place to plan your next visit. It is the host of the famous yatta plateau and Athi River which is the main source of water for wildlife. The lions here are known to hunt at eating human beings.

To the west of the pack, there are Mzima springs which are home for beautiful hippos and crocodiles. The place I well accessed owing to tarmac roads. Covered with beautiful vegetation, the place gives a breathtaking feeling.

To the east of the pack, there is Kilanguni area. This is a water point where several animals such as elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, and zebras are seen frequently. The best time to visit the place is noon time when the variety of game comes to quench their thirst. At close proximity, there is Kilanguni lodge famous for its delicious traditional meals from local Kamba people.  The lodge offers 24/7 accommodation at affordable prices not mentioning swimming pools and spars. Build at a risen area; it gives a clear view of beautiful Simba and Kyulu hills.

In the Tsavo west, there is lion rock area famous for its man-eating lions. The place is a bit high and suitable for photographing. There is also lion rock lodge where you can get bed and breakfasts services.

Lake Turkana

Located to the furthest northern end of Kenya, it is the largest lake in the country. Most of the tales have been said about how the place is hostile to human existence. Well, it might be true for some but the taking of experience; it is one of the most attractive places in Kenya.  I am ready to change your perspective and make you choose it as your next destination.

After reading the fact that Lake Turkana is home to mankind, it is a journey to proof this hypothesis. Koobi Fora museum is located within the close proximity of the lake. The remains of Australopithecus were discovered in this area. There are also remains of ancient wildlife to give a proof that life started within the lake.

Another amazing fact is that the lake is fed by one inlet; the Omo river and has no outlet. Given the fact that water volume in the Omo River is very high, the lake has not shown the signs of growing into a bigger lake. In fact, its volume is reducing with time.
Instead of having thick vegetation on its shores, there is dry sand dunes and strong dry wind.  There is scorching sun since the lake is surrounded by famous Chalbi desert.

The lake is also a host to the Sibiloi national pack. This pack is famous for crocodiles, turtles, and hippos. It is also good for hiking, photographing and camping.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Located in the southwest of Nairobi, Maasai Mara National pack is covered by a vast savanna woodland climate which favors the wildlife. The pack is home of wildebeests which migrates from the pack to Serengeti National Pack in Tanzania in search of pasture and water. As they close the river Mara, to crocodiles are plenty waiting for the catch. Most of the carnivores such as lions and hyenas population are affected mostly by the migration.

Regarded as the highest population of wildlife, it is guaranteed that you will see the animals by the end of your tour.

Mara Serena Lodge is favorable for accommodation and breakfast. Situated within Mara triangle, it is the ideal place to camp since you are in close proximity to where the population of the wildlife is the highest.

To sum up, tourism is one of the best ways to spend your free time. However, it does not come cheap. You need to choose a destination which is worthwhile. To many, Kenya may seem to be just a small third world country. I need you to change your perception and plan for a visit here. All the best.

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